Your access, pre-award, post-award, facility, message, reporting management solution from the cloud.

ARIA by Instruct

ARIA is a collection of cloud services provided by Instruct to research infrastructures, facilities and user communities within structural biology and related fields. ARIA is available to anyone and can be set up and tailored to your exact needs within a few hours.

The ARIA cloud service can be customised and tailored to your needs, including restyling of any aspect listed below to merge seamlessly into place. Below is a list of some of the key features provided by ARIA that can be simply and effectively customised to your requirements.

Access Management

Full proposal submission and administration system that allows you to simply manage user submissions pre-award and post-award. Full granular control over each step of submission, management, review, approval, post-approval and reporting are available to all users.

Simply configurable

Configuring your own forms for users, reviewers, moderators and post-award review is super simple. We have a huge number of field types available, but if you need something a bit more custom, no problem!

Your branding matters

The entire service can be styled and customised to fit seamlessly with your existing branding. A custom theme can be developed just for you.

Manage workflows

You can easily configure your own management workflow. Want to pre-screen submissions for technical feasibility, no problem. Scientific review by panel or by individual submission, simple.

Reporting & statistics

Define custom reporting metrics for access as well as in-built templates such as H2020 formatted reports.

Full-fledged messaging

Integrated messaging system with anonymised contact, administrative control and configurable, spam-free, email notifications.

Instant notifications

Automated notifications and reminders designed for simple one-click actions to maximise efficiency.

Reach your users

Client relationship management package to target your users with full HTML email

Many more features

More information about additional features to list here.

Already have your own submission system? Integrate ARIA today

Integrating ARIA into your own submission system is simple, and can allow users to import existing proposals from ARIA into your local managment system simply and easily. See how with the demo:

Facility Management

With ARIA managing access and scheduling within your facility can be done quickly and easily. We can also facilitate a submission system specific to you which can be fed directly into the single-point scheduling system.

Remote or visit access

Each of your platforms within your facility can be configured as either remote or visit access, with individual configurable workflows. Checkpoints can be created and customised for remote access or visits can be scheduled and managed with the user.

Quick start-up

Using ARIA you can get your facility management running quickly and easily. With no need to setup or install any software you can be ready for access the same day.

Calendar overview

Simple but powerful tools are available to quickly schedule and manage your facility to maximise output and streamline access.

User training & permissions

Highly configurable booking permissions intrinsically linked with machine training and access.

Simple notifications

Email notifications of booking confirmations and changes to keep users in the loop.

Many more features

More information about additional features will be added soon.

Community Hubs

Your community can be hosted within ARIA allowing you to configure your own hub of activity, with news, events, jobs and forums to engage with your users.

Integrated forums

Enhance your user engagement using customisable forums integrated to your community hub and controlled access varying to public to internal to a subset of your users.

News and events

Keep your community up to date with specific targeted news and events that will be incorporated into the global ARIA feeds.

Ad-hoc call management

Setup specific calls with bespoke application forms and peer review systems targeted towards your user community.

Integrated ARIA identity management

Cutting edge integration to high-quality identity services allowing your users to authenticate exactly as they prefer.

Data Access APIs

If you need to integrate ARIA data, proposals or booking, you can access that through a simple, well documented, API. Use the tools documented here and contact aria [at] for your access key. We are actively developing a number of central data portals that will help streamline the process of accessing and processing

API Integration

Powerful API integration is available to facilities and access providers to export data from ARIA into local management systems.

Sample management

Central cloud based sample management that understands your experiment and doesn't overload you with options. This feature is currently in development.

Virtual research environment

A simple single coherent place to store all of your data, directly connected to data processing tools. In development.


ARIA has a number of users around the world who represent key organisations within structural biology.

Person's Photo

Tassos Perrakis - iNEXT Deputy Coordinator

ARIA has been crucial for getting a diverse set of services to the iNEXT infrastructures. The ability to customise application forms, the tools that enable transparent rapid review of applications and for reporting, are only a few examples for what ARIA allows us to achieve, setting a cornerstone for success in our Horizon2020 project!

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Reinout Raijmakers - Bijovet Center Managing Director

By using the access management system ARIA the EU project iNEXT was able to very rapidly start providing access to their facilities.

Dave Stuart

Dave Stuart - Instruct Director

Integrative structural biology infrastructure is powerful but can be complex to navigate for users and really tough to manage, ARIA is a real step forward and has allowed us to streamline processes in the Instruct hub without getting in the way of the science.

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Frauke Leitner - CORBEL Project Manager

We were charged with the exciting task to organize an Open Call for projects, spanning access to services and technologies offered by ten European research infrastructures. Without ARIA, the management of user applications and reviews across so many partners would have been close to impossible. Thanks to the great support by the ARIA team, we managed it successfully!