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Instruct training course on fully remote data collection on eBIC CryoEMS

Date: 10-May-2021

Contact: Alistair Siebert


At eBIC a course on fully remote data collection will take place on 10th May 2021 funded by Instruct-ERIC.

eBIC & Instruct-ERIC are pleased to invite you to apply for a training course in single particle analysis entitled 'Fully remote data collection on eBIC cryo-EM instruments'. This course is funded by Instruct-ERIC and the first cohort will start on the 10th May 2021. Spaces on this course are limited to 8 attendees and we expect to be oversubscribed. We will split attendees into cohorts based on an assessment of the applications received.

This course will introduce and demonstrate our preferred tools for discussing experiments and keeping contact, IspyB mediated sample shipping, EPU concepts/setup and IspyB mediated on-the-fly data processing. Each cohort of approximately 2 people will be scheduled two 8hr Talos sessions followed by one 8hr Krios session. We will schedule these sessions after registration closes, on applying please be prepared to attend your cohort's scheduled session lasting 3-4 days, in the time period 10th-21st May

We encourage applications from candidates who can ship pre-screened single particle grids to eBIC for use during the course. In the case that evidence can be provided of high-quality pre-screened single particle grids and preliminary high-resolution analysis, we may extend the Krios session to 48hrs for data collection

Outlined course content

  • The course will begin by introducing our preferred tools for discussing planned experiments with users.
  • An introduction to IspyB mediated sample shipping for cryo-EM will follow.
  • Users will be led through our NoMachine mediated FEDID keyed login to the microscopes. 
  • A discussion of EPU concepts and imaging mode pre-sets will be followed by demonstrations of grid screening best practice with automated tools. 
  • Instructors will then demonstrate best practices in data acquisition methodologies on our BioQuantum K3 equipped Titan Krios. 
  • Finally, the IspyB mediated on-the-fly data processing pipeline setup for monitoring and assessing data collection will be demonstrated.
  • The course will provide 2x 8hr Talos sessions & 1 x 8 hr Krios session. Krios sessions can be extended for data collection purposes on user's samples to 48 hrs but this will require prior evidence of high-quality samples and high-resolution 2d classes and a science case justification for time.


Registration to the course via this link

Applications deadline midday 30th April 2021

If you have any queries about the application, please email


Harwell, United Kingdom

Instruct training course on fully remote data collection on eBIC CryoEMS